December 6, 2023

Mark Hall From Casting Crowns

I am so happy to welcome Mark Hall from Casting Crowns to the show today. We talk about how they got Crowns started – from what inspired them to start the band and how they got discovered, to who all is part of the group today. And after a couple health scares, Mark updates us on how things are going these days and how he’s feeling out on the road. Oh, and he fills us in on what we can expect when we see them live on April 15th at The Sand Mountain Amphitheater in Albertville. I think you’re really going to love this interview. Plus, if you’ve been looking for God’s purpose for your life, it may already be inside you, and you just haven’t realized it yet. I’ll tell you more. Just click play. And if you like what you hear, would you please subscribe & share? Thank you! Here’s how:
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