May 22, 2024

Won’t He Do It!

There are some things that just take us off guard and remind us that God truly is working things out behind the scenes. I’ve got a couple God stories for you on today’s show. One comes to you from Hampton, South Carolina where the Trent Tribe got to be the hands and feet of Jesus for a recovering addict who’s been clean for a while now. It’s amazing how this story came together. And, one family is slowly healing after the loss of their little one, with the help of a loving family who was willing to help them process their emotions, in a fun way. You’ve got to hear this! And, I might have a life hack or 2 for you, to help you have a better mindset & get some much-needed Spring cleaning done. So, click play and see what you think about them. And, if you like what you hear, would you please subscribe & share? Thank you so much! Here’s how:
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