May 22, 2024

November 11th – Atheist Finds God, Pressing On & Sharing Your Faith

On today’s episode we have the story of a praying atheist who received the answer he prayed for. It’s a really cool, heart-warming story you need to hear. Also, we all need a little motivation, especially when we feel like we’re failing. We have that for you. And, if you had 2 pieces of news to share with someong – one good and one bad – would you share them both, or just the good news? We talk about how the answer to that question applies to sharing your faith. We ask you to tell us about the veteran in your life on Facebook and Instagram and read your answers on the air. All of that and more is packed into today’s show – like a woman being gifted a car for her dedication, reminiscing over your kid’s childhood & a guinness world record holding couple. Check it out. And, please subscribe on Apple Podcast or Google Play Music. Have a great Veteran’s Day!

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