June 19, 2024

November 12th – 5 Minutes Late, An Amazing Gift & Pizza

On today’s episode, we talk about how it may not be such a bad thing to be 5 minutes late. We share the poem one mom wrote about it. Also, a 23 year old decided to give his girlfriend’s dad a huge gift. We reveal what it is and follow it up with the what if’s. And, how do you like your pizza? It’s our question on our Tell Us Someting Good Contest on Facebook and Instagram. Let us know for your chance to win some free food from Guntersville Chick-fil-A! We talk about those answers on the show. And, there’s a lot more wrapped up in here. Check it out. And if you like what you hear, please subscribe on Apple Podcast or Google Play Music. Have a great day! And, try to stay warm.

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