May 24, 2024

November 27th – 5 Year Old says, “The Angels Caught Me & Jesus Loves Me,” Thanksgiving Travel Tips & Don’t Mess With Granny

On today’s show, we tell you about an 82 year old grandma that can put a hurtin’ on you. She did to an intruder. We let her tell you all about it. Also, one 5 year old is well on his way to recovering from a 40 ft fall, after he was thrown from the balcony of the Mall of America. We tell you what he has to say about God. And, if you’re planning on driving a long way over this Thanksgiving holiday, you’ll find some help here – we bring you tips to stay awake on the long drive. There’s that and so much more on today’s episode. Check it out! Please subscribe on Apple Podcast or Google Play, so you will have the freshest show waiting to tickle your ears right there on your smart phone. Thank you. Have a wonderful day!

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