April 20, 2024

November 6th – Prayers God Answers, How to Stay Thankful & Arcade Overload

On today’s episode, we talk about how sometimes it seems like God is not answering our prayers. We remind you that He has your best interest at heart and give you some prayers that He will most definitely answer, to help encourage you. Also, how do you stay thankful? It seems that more and more we take things for granted. But, we have some ways to help you feel that attitude of grattitude. And, when you were a kid, if you ever went to the arcade, did you ever want to leave? One guy didn’t have to and set a new world record. We tell you about it. All of that, your responses to our Tell Us Something Good contest about your pets, something about a talking dog, recycled sterile wraps and so much more is packed in here. Check out the podcast. And, be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcast or Google Play Music.

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