June 19, 2024

November 7th – Are You Looking For A Perfect Match? The Amazon Catalog & Thanksgiving Pringles

On today’s show, we are happy to report that not one human is perfect. So, if you’re looking for a perfect match for a spouse or are really trying to shape yours into perfection, you’re going to lose that fight. But don’t worry, we’ll bring you some encouragement and a perspective you might not have thought about. Also, do you remember getting the Sears Catalog at Christmas? It was magical, flipping through the pages for your hope-to-get presents. Amazon is picking up that tradition. We tell you about it. And, how would you like Thanksgiving in a can? We’ll tell you about the most simple meal of the year and how you can get it for yourself. All of that and so much more is packed in here. Check it out. And, be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcast or Google Play Music.

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