July 23, 2024

September 18th – Brownies, Kanye West & Dreams Come True

On today’s show, we ask you to tell us which part of the brownie is your favorite – the crispy edge or the ooey-gooey middle? The question is up on Facebook and Instagram. We talk about your answers, and tell you about a new pan on the market to help you enjoy brownies more. Also, Kanye West, the controversial mainstream rapper, is in the news because of a life change. We talk about how this could impact the Church. And, if you have dreams, keep after them. We’ve got the inspiring story of one young man who did just that and is experiencing everything his heart desired. Plus, we talk with a long-time follower of the show, Amy Kirkland about some answered prayers in her life. It’s so much fun! And, there’s so much more packed in here. Check it out. And, if you like what you hear, please subscribe to our podcast on Apple Podcast & Google Play Music.

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